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Sending and receiving goods and presents

                           General prohibition of import and export of goods                           

On the basis of rules and regulations of I.R.Iran , entrance of some goods and or its export is totally prohibited . some of those goods are as follows:

1-     Alcoholic drinks

2-     Gambling tools

3-     Weapons, ammunition and explosive goods

4-     Narcotic drugs

5-     Magazines, photos, film and snaps and those goods which is against religious and national dignity of the country.

6-     Any type of writings against the official region of the country and or discipline disturbance and public purity and national dignity.

7-     Various type of goods which has ligitimate and legal prohibitance and or this import and export has not been prohibited according ti the customs tariff table or special rules.

The export goods is exempted of paying customs duties and taxes but paying the loading , unloading and warehousing is included . The classification of import and export of goods on the basis of tariff

( Harmonized System of Commodity Goods & Coding )

customs duties and taxes belongs to imported good whose amount is determined on the basis of import and export regulations based on paying custums duties and taxes ( Customs Valuation ) of goods. Customs value is CIF rate ( rate of purchase of goods in destiation + insurance exppenditures and transport and Warehousing ) and all expenditures related to the opening of credit or payment bill of exchange private and exclusive use of map, commercial model and sign and Various similar duties related to goods and other expenditures of those goods which is behonged to them till its entry to first customs office other submitting documents of goods owner is determind and would be given to the declaration from on the basis of rate of currency and announced from central Bank of Iran on the day of its submitance.

Customs green / red channels

Green Channel

Those passengers can pass the green channel who:

A) Do not have the following goods:

1-     Arms and ammunitions

2-     Disks, audio / video tapes

3-     Books and magazines against the Islamic and national believes of the country.

4-     Wireless telephone and sender

5-     Seed and cutting, flower bulb

6-     Gambling tools

7-     Alcoholic drinks

8-     Narcotics

B) Have the first trip in the current year or do not use the passenger exemption in their       previous trips.

C) Do not have business goods and the value of their new goods do not exceed 80 dollars for each person.

Red Channel

Those passengers pass the red channel who:

1-     Have had more than one trip to other countries in the current year.

2-     Have goods which aren’t considered as business goods or their goods cost more than legal level.

3-     Or have one of the eight above mentioned goods ( in green channel )

note 1

    The green channel dose not  mean than the customs do not perform the investigation of goods .

    The customs officers can select some of the passengers of green channel and investigate their goods. If they do not have the requirements for passing through this channel, their declaration will be illegal and their goods will be considered as smudging.

note 2

     If a passenger do not have any goods or his / her goods cost less than 80 dollars, in order to be able to use the remain of his / her exemption in his / her other trips, he/she should pass through red channel. The customs officers should pass through red channel. The customs officers will mention the case in his/her passport.

note 3

     In the case of no items mentioned in the passenger’s passport, he / she can use the passenger exemption.

     Customs can urge the passengers to complete the declaration presented to them at the gate of entry/exit, in order to investigate the passengers’ goods according to their written declaration.

      In the case of any difference between the passenger’s goods and his/her declaration, the goods not mentioned in declaration or declared illegally supposed as smuggled goods.




Customs Administration of the Islamic Republic Of Iran tries to provide better and effective Services and necessary information with passengers and traders. Our purpose is to facilitate Customs Procedures, respect people and gain their confidence.

Here is the Summary of the basic information Useful for passengers and tourists of Iranian and Foreign origin.


1) General Customs Regulation Related to Accompanying Baggage.


A) The Departure Passenger

Any Passenger Leaving Iran can have his / her personal belongings within the limits of non-commercial nature. There is no limitation about the amount of handicrafts and other Iranian products (except carpet which will be described later) the amount of transferable foreign goods by each passenger is up to 160 dollars.



Ana passenger leaving Iran is allowed to take nuts with himself/ herself. The maximum permitted amount of pistachio is 10 kilograms of Saffron by any one who holds a valid.

Passport Moreover the accompanies cannot have any amount of the mentioned items.


Carpet and short – napped Coarse Carpet

Passengers who depart Iran by air can take only one hand knitted carpet not more than 6 Square meters. It means Passengers are not allowed to carry two carpets that areas are less than 6 square meters. The accompanies cannot benefit from this privilege.

Exit of carpet, pistachio, nuts and Saffron by those passengers whose destination is United Arab Emirates and Syria is prohibited.

Transfer of precious carpet and other objects, which have historical and cultural value, are prohibited.


Foreign Exchange

According to laws of central bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the maximum permitted transferable foreign Currency by each passenger is 1000 dollars (Bank-note, traveler check or a combination of both). Transfer of foreign Currency more than the allowed limit requires a bank statement or a transfer certificate issued by the bank system. Transfer of Dinar (Iraq), Ruble (Russia), and Afghani ( Afghanistan) is prohibited by passengers and traders. Transfer of Iranian Currency is allowed up to 500000 Rials.


Gold and Silver

When exiting from Iran each passenger is allowed to carry gold jeweler without precious stones not exceeding a maximum of 150 grams and also silver – made object without precious not exceeding 3 Kilograms.


Work of art and antiques

Passengers departing from Iran are not allowed to carry the Following items:

-                     Antiques

-                     Original art works

-                     Handwriting books

-                     Lithography print

-                     Works of calligraphy

-                     Miniature works

-                     Antique coins

-                     Any objects possessing historical and cultural value


Weapons and Ammunitions

Exit of weapons, ammunitions and military equipments is prohibited.



Exit of any kind of drugs is prohibited.




B) Arrival passengers

Any passenger who enters Iran Should announce the amount of foreign currency caring with himself / herself by filing in a declaration. This declaration, then, should be delivered to the bank situated in the airport. Transfer of the declared amount will be allowed when leaving Iran at any time.

The arrival Passenger is rightful to bring an amount of permitted goods (160dollars) with himself / herself. The passengers can benefit from the following exemptions (clearance free of duty):

a)                 Import of the goods amounted to 80 dollars once a year is exempted from paying Customs duties and taxes and surplus to it (up to 80 dollars) is permitted by paying customs duties and double amount of taxes.

b)                 In next trips, it is permitted to import goods up to 80 dollars by paying customs duties and taxes and surpluses to it up to 80 dollars is permitted by paying double amount of customs duties and taxes.


Passengers coming to Iran Shall are allowed to have the following items:

1-                 All the electronically, gas – fired or oil – fired, whether using them at home and at special place or to be in a constant place or portable.

2-                 Components and accessories of devices mentioned above.

3-                 Components and accessories (spare necessaries) of bicycle, motorcycle and car.

4-                 Housekeeping devices

5-                 Personal possession for traveling

6-                 Bag and suitcase

7-                 Articles of clothing, bags and shoes

8-                 Cloth

9-                 Foodstuff such as cookies, chocolate, dried fruit, fruit juice, nonalcoholic drinks

10-            Toilet articles such as toothpaste, toothbrush, odor, perfume etc.

11-            Cosmetics

12-            Fumigation (smoking) materials (the legal ones)

13-            Handy computers and its components

14-            Sport equipments

15-            Stationary

16-            Bicycle and Tricycle

17-            Artificial flowers

18-            Air gun

19-            Machine – made carpets

20-            Handy instruments, electronically or non electronically

21-            Newspapers, magazines, books, calendars, album



General prohibitions of import and export of goods

According to the rules and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran, import or export of some goods are prohibited. Some of these goods are as follows:

1.                 Alcoholic drinks

2.                 Gambling tools

3.                 Weapons, ammunition and explosive materials

4.                 Narcotics and drugs

5.                 Obscene magazines, photos, film and snaps and any article which is against religious and national dignity

6.                 Any type of writing against the official religion of the country or any type of writing which can disturb the public peace

7.                 Various type of goods which are religiously prohibitive, or their import and export has been prohibited according to the customs tariff table or special rules.


2) Customs regulations related to Iranian nationals residing abroad

Iranian nationals residing abroad at least over one year, the last six months uninterrupted, are allowed to import all their used household articles and release them without paying customs duties and taxes.

[Customs Exemptions]

All used household articles of Iranian passenger returning Iran are allowed free of duty provided that


-                     The mentioned articles arrive one month early, in company with or 9 months after the arrival of passenger, so that the passenger would not benefit from this such exemption within the past 5 years. Also the last six months of his / her residence should be uninterrupted.



Government officers sent abroad on missions for a 1 –year period or over but return before the termination of their mission are not Subject to the aforementioned privilege.

The above-mentioned exemption is not included in importing automobiles, motorcycles and motorboat.

Manual tools related to the professions of the Iranian nationals and expatriates arriving in Iran are exempt from customs duties.


3) Customs regulations related to import of automobile vehicle

Import of new second – hand automobile to Islamic Republic of Iran is just allowed when a certificate has been obtained from cabinet. Iranian nationals residing abroad are not allowed to import their automobile when returning.


The Temporary Entrance of Automobile

The temporary entrances of passenger cars are possible as the following:

Aliens and Iranian residents abroad can import their Automobiles temporarily by receiving the carnet de passage or tripque booklets from the motoring centers in the original country.

These automobiles should be exited from Iran when the permitted period (3 months) is over.

Passengers who could not get the carnet de passage or triptique booklets in the origin country, should get the temporary admission license in the entrance frontier by putting deposit or a bank bond on security.



The Iranian resident who are out of the country can enter their personal vehicle by carnet de passage booklet provided that their residence abroad shall not be less than 6 months.


4) Regulations about the Asia Minor Passengers

Passengers and tourists, who come from common wealth countries to Iran, are allowed to transfer permitted goods. The total value of these goods should be equal to the amount of foreign exchange declared to the bank system when entering Iran.

If the values of these goods are up to 1000 dollars, passengers have not to get a foreign exchange statement.

The Iranian passengers who are going to common wealth countries are allowed to transfer the permitted export goods up to 500 American dollars.

Any additional amount will be possible only if the foreign exchange has transferred from abroad through bank system.

If the passengers to common wealth countries travel by air, they can send their goods by overland.


Import of goods by post

Clearance of goods imported by post, except religiously prohibited goods and only in a limited number, up to 5000 Rials , per person, is free from duties annually without the need to get any permission.


5) The regulations of import and export of goods by post

Dispatch of domestic products, except forbidden ones, is allowed and there is no limitation.

Each person shall be allowed to send foreign goods up to 80 dollars by post. No one shall be allowed to send hand knitted carpet by post.

The postage of antiques art works, inscriptions, and any kinds of precious stones, coins and, medical drugs and food is prohibited.

General prohibitions of dispatch of goods by post

Posting all articles and goods described in clause (1) is prohibited.

Clearance of some of apparatuses, equipments and articles such as radio receiver, communication instruments, books and publications, tapes, computers and their parts and accessories, plant seeds, is subject to getting license from the relevant organizations.


6) Dispatch of samples of goods

Neither dispatch of samples of goods, whether made in Iran or abroad, as a sample or in order to test, analyze and repair in a limited number is permitted, provided that they would be religiously neither prohibited nor antique.


7) Rules of posting acoustic properties and musical instruments

The sending of all kinds of acoustic properties, any kind of Iranian or foreign musical instruments which are made in Iran, in a limited number by post, is exempt from depositing foreign exchange guarantee cases confirmed by the ministry of Islamic guidance and culture.

Dispatching all kinds of musical instruments (CD or tapes), by taking permission from the aforementioned ministry, for duplication, by post or any way, is permitted.


Other points

Secretion any kind of goods and concealment them from sight of the customs officials is considered elicit and will be subject to the laws of punishment.

Discrepancy between accompanied goods of the passengers and what has been declared in the customs declaration will be considered as a crime and subject to the relevant rules.

You can contact directly with the head of the customs administration to make any suggestion by the following telephone number:


Customs weekly publication, which includes all the customs news and information, is publishing every Wednesday. You can correspond or subscript weekly publication by the following address:

Iran – Tehran

P.O.BOX: 14155 – 3715

If you need more information or you have any suggestion please feel free to contact with us by the following address:

Central Building of Customs Administration

Vali – E – Asr – Sq

Vali – E – Asr – St

Public Relation Department

P . O . Box : 15875- 6834                        FAX: 002198 - 8902080



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