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Tehran Museums

Museum Days Open Working Hours Telephone Address  


Mellat National Museum
(White Palace)
Every Day 8-18.30 2282064 Emam Khomeini Sq.,Bagh-e- Melli potrico, next to the Ministry of foreign Affairs ,Tehran Iran
Green (sabz) Museum
(Royal House)
Every Day 8-18.30 22282064 Vali-e-Asr Ave., Zafaraniyeh (Shadid Fallahi) Ave., Shahid Taheri St., Sad-Abad Palace ,Tehran Iran
Natural History Museum
(Shahnaz's House)
Every Day 8-18.30 22282064 Haft-e-Tir Sq., beginnging of Qaem Maqam Ave., No. 9,Tehran Iran
Niavaran Museum
(Shah's House)
Every Day 8-18.30 22282012-16 Niavaran (Shahid Bahonar) Ave., Shahid Bahonar Sq., Niavaran Palace ,Tehran Iran
Golestan Museum     33113335-8 15th Khordad(Arg) Sq. ,Tehran Iran
Sadaf & Morvarid Museum
(Shams House)
Every Day 7.30-16 0261-443041
Fine Arts Museum Every Day 8-18.30 22282064 Zaferanieh(Shahid Fallahi) Ave., Shahid Taheri St. Sad-Abad Palace,Tehran Iran
Ethnological Museum
(Mahmood Reza Palace)
Every Day 8-18.30 22282064 15th Khordad(arg)Sq., within the Golestan Palace ensemble ,Tehran Iran
Zarf Museum
(Ashraf House)
Every Day 8-18.30 22282064  
Dafineh Museum No.1 Every Day 8.30-13.30
Dafineh Museum No.2
(Valiasad House)
Every Day 8-18.30 22282064  
Abkar Museum
(Leila House)
Every Day 8-18.30 22282064  
Behzad Museum Every Day 8-18.30 2282064 Vali-e-Asr Ave., Za Faraniyeh (Shahid Fallahi) Ave., Shahid Taheri St., Sad-Abad Palace,Tehran Iran
Treasury of the National Jewels
(Central Bank)
Sat &Tue. 14-16.30 6644161 Ferdowsi Ave. opposite the German Embassy ,Tehran Iran
National Museum of Iran 9-13
6672061-6 Emam Khomeini Ave., Si-e-Tir corner ,Tehran Iran
Ethnological Museum     3311335-8  
Iran Museum of National Arts
(Miniature & Handicrafts)
Sat & Wed. 8-16 33116329 Baharestan Sq. Kamal-ol-Molk St., Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance Bldg. ,Tehran Iran
Reza Abbasi Museum
(Ancient Things)
Mon.Off 9-12
88463001-3 Shariati Ave., No. 972 ,Tehran Iran
Carpet Museum Tue.Off 9-12
North Kargar Ave., Dr. Fatemi intersection ,Tehran Iran
Glassware & Ceramics Museum of Iran Mon.Off 9-12
6678154-6 Jomhouri Ave., Si-e-Tir St., No. 55 ,Tehran Iran
13 Aban Museum Fri. Off 8-20 6671915 Emam Khomeini Ave., Emam Khomeini Sq. ,Tehran Iran
Saba Museum Thu & Fri.Off 8-15.30 33111246 Baharestan Sq., Zahir-ol-Eslam St., No. 90
Musical instruments and personal belongings of the late blessed Abolhassan Saba ,Tehran Iran
Coin Museum   9-13 3111090 Emam Khomeini Ave., Bank Sepah ,Tehran Iran
Post Communication Museum Fri.Off 8-16.30 6674550
Emam Khomeini Ave., Bagh-e- Melli Portico, next to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ,Tehran Iran
Natural History Museum Thu & Fri.Off 7-12
8833498-9 Vali-e-Asr Ave., past Mir-Damad Ave., Qobadian corner ,Tehran Iran
Natural History Museum
Every Day 9.30-13.30
88843498-9 Darabad Ave., past Ajudaniyeh ,Tehran Iran
History Sightseeing Museum Every Day 8.5-18.30 883683-4  
Martyrs Museum Every Day 8-17 883683-4  
Azadi Museum Sat.Off 9.30-12
Azadi Sq ,Tehran Iran
Malek Museum Fri.Off 8.30-13.30 9496653
Ghazzali Town Every Day 7.30-16 0261-449428
Miras Farhangi Every Day 8.30-14 66017071-3  
Permanent Aeronautic Exhibition Sat. till Wed.
Contemporary Arts Museum Sat. till Wed. 9-17 6654175 North Kargar Ave., next to Laleh Park ,Tehran Iran
Coin & Notes Museum Every Day 8.30-12.30
88774745 V ali-e-Asr Ave., beginning of Mir-Damad Ave.,
Corner of Daman-Afshar Ave., No.1 ,Tehran Iran
Decorative Arts Museum Mon off. 9-17 8894380-81  
Sahebqaranieh Museum - - 22287045 Sq., Niavaran Palace ,Tehran Iran
Reversion and Admonition Museum
(Mother Palace)
Every Day 8-18 22282063  
Museum of Islamic Revolution's
Self- Sacrifices Foundation
Every Day 9-18 22287063  
Military Palace-Museum
(Shahram Palace)
Every Day 8-18 22283013 Vali-e-Asr Ave., Zafaraniyeh (Shahid Fallahi) Ave. Shahid Taheri St., Sad-Abad Palace ,Tehran Iran  
Exhibition of visual and
Traditional Arts of Asia
Only for scholars - 675101-7    
Botany and Agricultural Pest Control Museum Only for scholars - 293012-6
Museum of the Faculty of Sciences (Fatemi Museum) - - -    
Marmar Palace- Museum - - -    
National Museum of Agricultural Machinery - 8.30-16 2294163    
Geology Museum Fri off. 8-15 917301 Azadi Ave., Meraj St ,Tehran Iran  
Air Force Museum Thu & Fri.Off 8.30-12 3346098b
past Azadi Sq., Karaj Rd. ,Tehran Iran
Museum of Holy Sanctuary, Qom Mon.Off 8-12
(0251) 32333    
Abkar Minature Museum     22282031-9 Vali-e-Asr Ave., Zafaraniyeh (Shahid Fallahi) Ave. Shahid Taheri St., Sad-Abad Palace ,Tehran Iran
Cinema Museum     8836827 & 8830840 Lalezar Ave., corner of Forsat Ave ,Tehran Iran  
Dr. Hessabi Museum      22202006 Pol-e Tajrish, Maqsoud-Beik (Shahid Darbandi) Ave. Dr. Hessabi ,Tehran Iran  
Haftchenar Nature & Wildlife Museum     55738745-6 Haftchenar Ave., Beryanak ,Tehran Iran  
Main Niavaran Palace     22282012-5 Niav aran (Shahid Bahonar) Ave., Shahid Bahonar Sq., Niavaran Palace ,Tehran Iran  
Map Museum     2229 6969, 229 790 Aqdassiyeh, past Ajudaniye, Badiee crossoroads, No. 40, Tehran Geographical Information Cent ,Tehran Iran  
Museum of Contemporary Articrafts of Iran     22411797 Velenjak, 8th. St., end of Boustan 1 ,Tehran Iran  
Rassam Arabzadeh Carpet Museum     22847911-13 Pasdaran Ave., Boostan 1 St., No. 7 ,Tehran Iran  
Tehranology Center Museum     66860300-1 Nawab-e-Safavi Expressway, Komeil crossroads ,Tehran Iran  
Time Museum     22417336-7 Val i-Asr Ave., Shahid Fallahi (Zafaraniyeh) Ave., Beginnging of Barzin Baghdad Ave., No.12,Tehran Iran  
Traditional Arts Museum and Workshop     66017071-2 Azadi Ave., Corner of Zanjan St., Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization ,Tehran Iran  
Underglass Painting Museum     77526777 He dayat-Tonekabon intersection ,Tehran Iran  

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