Iranian Desserts


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Since Iranians serve rice as a main dish and since most of the sauce served with it are very filling, the Iranian housewife tries to serve light desserts. If you ever eat at an Iranian home, you will be served fresh fruits, when they are in season, or dried fruits and compote in winter.
Iranians are very fond of fruit. When fruits are in season they will eat them on any possible occasion. An Iranian housewife will serve fruit at lunch, tea, or dinner, very often she will serve a bowl of cold fresh fruits: peaches, cherries, strawberries, grapes, mefons, oranges, and cucumbers. In Iran, are grown very delicious, delicate cucumbers which are served as a fruit. When fruit is served after dinner or at tea time, it is customary for the hostess to peel the fruit and pass it to the guests.


However, on special feast days such as Noruz or at weddings and other special occasions, Iranians use their imagination to create exotic desserts such as Baghlava (Baklava), Halva (Sweet Dessert), and many other complicated cookies and cakes.


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