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Dolmeh Barg

Stuffed Grape Leaves Dolmeh, the Iranian stuffed, usually stands for any kind of vegetable and fruit stuffed with meat and rice. Dolmeh Barg, literally meaning stuffed leaves, is the name for stuffed grape leaves. This is a real favorite of the Middle Eastern nations.
It is difficult to trace the origin of this dish. Whether it originated in the vine-growing regions of the Caucasus or in the Middle .East is not known for sure. Whatever its origin, it is the favorite dish ofTurkamans, Tajiks, Uzbeks, Azarbaijanis, Armenians, Turks, Greeks, Arabs, and the Iranians.
There are many ways of preparing dolmeh.


It can be served cold or warm. When served warm, it is preferred to be stuffed with meat and vegetables. When served cold, it is normally stuffed with rice and currants. However, when dolmeh is stuffed with meat and vegetables, it tastes equally good when served cold.
Dolmeh makes excellent hors d'oeuvres for cocktails. It can be prepared a few days in advance, stored in the refrigerator, and cooked the day it is going to be served. As will be found here, dolmeh makes an excellent topic for conversation at cocktail parties and dinners. Kinds of dolmeh are:
Dolmeh Bademjan, Stuffed Eggplants Dolmeh Barg, Stuffed Grape Leaves Dolmeh Beh, Stuffed Quince
Dolmeh Felfel Sabz va Gojeh Farangi, Stuffed Green Pepper and Tomatoes Dolmeh Kadu, Stuffed Squash
Dolmeh Kalam, Stuffed Cabbage Leaves Dolmeh Sib, Stuffed Apples
Yalanchi Dolmeh, Rice Stuffed Grape Leaves