Iranian Foods


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Khoresh,Sauces for Pilafs 

Khoresh in Persian stands for a stewed type of sauce which is usually prepared with meat or fowl combined with fresh or dried vegetables, fresh or dried fruit, and sometimes nuts and cereals.
Persians almost always eat rice with kharesh, Usually, a plate full of white fluffy rice is served topped with kharesh, When rice is served with kharesh it is called che/a kharesh,
Chela kharesh
is a favorite of all Iranians, and in every Iranian house you can see it served at least once a day, Because of the popularity of chela kharesh, the Iranian housewife tries to prepare it with various types of kharesh, In the springtime when fresh vegetables are available, the housewife uses her ingenuity in combining such exotic vegetables as rhubarb, eggplants, spinach, mushrooms, etc, with various kinds of meat or fowl, In summer, she takes advantage of the fresh fruit available in the market, and prepares the most delicately flavored sauce from fresh peaches, green plums, or sour cherries combined with chicken or meat, In the fall, she prepares the most exquisitely flavored sauce from quinces, tart apples, and pumpkins, combined with meat or fowl, During the winter when fresh vegetables and fruits become scarce, she makes the most of the nuts and the dried fruits available, She uses the seasoning techniques taught by her ancestors and produces kharesh using wild duck with pomegranates and walnuts or Iamb and prunes seasoned with cinnamon, Some of the most popular khoreshes are:

Kharesh-e Alu: prune sauce
Kharesh-e Bademjan: eggplant sauce Kharesh-e Baghali: lima bean sauce Kharesh-e Beh: quince sauce
Kharesh-e Esfanaj: spinach sauce
Kharesh-e Fesen;'an: chicken with pomegranate sauce
Kharesh-e Gharch: mushroom sauce Kharesh-e Gheimeh: meat and split pea sauce
Kharesh-e Gharmeh Sabzi: green vegetable sauce
Khoresh-e Hulu: peach sauce
Kharesh-e Kadu: squash sauce
Kharesh-e Karafs: celery sauce
Kharesh-e Lubia: string bean sauce
Khoresh-e Mast va Kari: yogurt and curry sauce
Khoresh-e Portaghal: orange sauce Khoresh-e Rivas: rhubarb sauce
Khoresh-e Sak: spinach and orange sauce Khoresh-e Sib: aDDle and meat sauce