Iranian Foods- kuko


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A Casserole Dish
Kuku is a type of dish usually made of vegetables and eggs. Eggs are the basis for these casserole dishes, because of serving as the binding agent. Kuku is a very popular dish with most Iranian families and housewives. It can be served cold as well as warm, and also it can be prepared in advance of the mealtime. Kuku dishes make a very easy and attractive main course. However, in Iran such dishes are not served as the main course. Since Kuku tastes excellent cold, it is very often used as a picnic (mostly on Fridays) and travel food. To most Western tourists Kuku should a special appeal because it uses the same principle as American casserole dishes. Some delicious chukkas are:
Kuku-ye Bademjan, eggplant casserole Kuku-ye Badenyan va Kadu, eggplant and squash casserole
Kuku-ye Gusht, meat casserole
Kuku-ye Jujeh, chicken casserole
Kuku-ye Lubia Sabz, string bean casserole Kuku-ye Sabzi, vegetable casserole
Kuku-ye Sib Zamini va Gojeh Farangi, potato and tomato casserole


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