Iranian Boy Names


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Persian Boy Names Sorted Alphabetically


آبان AbAn 8th month of the Iranian calendar; Name of a certain angel
آبید Abid Spark, fire
عبّاس abbAs (A) Frowning, looking austere; Lion; Name of Mohammad's uncle
ابوعلی abou-ali Avicenna, Name of a famous Iranian scientist and philosopher
آبتین Abtin A character in Shahnameh (Feraydoon's father)
آدر Adar Fire
عادل Adel (A) Righteous
عدلان adlan -
افرند afrand Splendor, glory
افرنگ afrang Splendor, glory
افراسیاب afrAsiAb/afrasiyAb A character in Shahnameh (The king of Turan)
افشار afshAr Companion, partner
افشین afshin Name of an Iranian General
احد ahad (A) One; an individual
احمد ahmad (A) Most praiseworthy
اکبر akbar (A) Great
البرز alborz Name of a mountain range in Iran
علی ali (A) High; also Mohammad's son-in-law
علی داد ali-dAd Gift of Ali
آلتون Altun = Altin (T) Golden
الوند alvand Name of mountain in Iran (near Hamadan)
عمید amid (A) A great man
امین amin (A) Honest
امیر amir (A) King, Emir
امجد amjad (A) Most excellent, glorious
انوش anoush Eternal
انوشیروان anoushiravAn Name of a Persian king
اپرنگ aprang A character in Shahnameh (SAm's son)
آرا ArA Ornament, decoration
آراد ArAd Name of an angel
آرام ArAm Quiet
آران ArAn/Aron A former Persian province in Caucasus, which is now part of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
آرنگ Arang Color
آرآسب ArAsp = ArAsb Name of one of Kourosh's general
آرش Arash A hero in Persian folklore (a celebrated archer); also a character in Shahnameh (Kay-ghobad's son, and Kavus' brother) 
ارشک arashk The first king of the Ashkanian dynasty
ارشاما arshAmA Name of the grandfather of King Darius I
ارشمید arashmid (G) Archimedes
ارستو arastoo Arastotle
اردا ardA Name of a priest of the Magi (during Sassanid period)
اردلان ardalAn A Kurdish name
اردوان ardavAn Name of many Parthian kings; Name of Dariush I's brother
اردشیر ardeshir Name of the founder of the Sassanian dynasty (Ardeshir BabakAn); Name of a couple of Achaemenid and Sassanid kings; also name of a couple of  characters in Shahnameh
اردون ardoon/ardun Name of a Persian king
عارف Aref (A) Wise, intelligent
ارجاسپ arjAsp A character in Shahnameh (AfrasiyAb's grandson; name of a Turanian champion); Possessor of valuable horses
ارجان arjAn A kind of fir (tree); a kind of mountain almond
ارجمند arjomand Beloved, dear, noble
آرمان ArmAn Ideal, hope, aspiration
آرمین Armin/Armeen = armin/armeen A character in Shahnameh (Key-ghobad's son)
ارمیا armiyA Jeremiah
آرمون Armoun/Armun Earnest, pledge
ارسلان arsalAn Lion; Brave man
ارشد arshad Head of a group; The marcasite stone
ارشام arshAm Very strong; Name of Dariush's grandfather
ارشن arshan Strong and brave man; A character in Shahnameh (Kavous' brother)
ارشان arshAn Name of an Iranian prince (Ardeshir II's son)
ارشاسب arshAsb Possessor of stallions; An old Persian name
ارشیا arshiA Throne
ارسیا arsiA Throne
آرتاباز ArtAbAz Name of Kurosh the Great's commander of war chariots
آرتان ArtAn Name of Dariush's father-in-law
آرتای artAy Strong
آرتین Artin Name of a Medes king; Righteous
آرتمان Arteman Name of Khashayar's (Xerxes) brother
آرون Arun Amiable, attractive
اروند arvand Majesty, grandeur; A character in Shahnameh (Lohrasb's father)
آروین Arvin Experiment, trial
آریا AryA/AriA Aryan
آریابد AryAbod Chief of the Aryans; Guardian of the Aryans
آریامن AryAman Name of Khashayar's (Achaemenid) naval commander 
آریانو AryAno / AriAno New Aryan
آریامنش AryAmanesh Of Aryan nature
آریان AryAn/AriAn Related, belonging to the AryAns
آریانا AryAnA/AriAnA Related, belonging to the AryAns
آریارمنا AryAramnA Name of the great-grandfather of King Darius I
آریاآسب AryAsb = AryAsp Possessor of AryAn horses; Name Kourosh the Great's general and friend
آریوبرزن Aryo-barzan Name of Darius III's general who fought against Alexander's invasion.
ارژن arzhan/arjan A kind of mountain almond
ارژنگ arzhang/arjang The house of painter MAni; A character in Shahnameh (a Turanian champion, killed by Tus)
ارزین arzin -
اسد asad (A) Lion
آصف Asef (A) Name of the minister of Solomon; wise
اصغر asghar (A) Small
اشکان ashkAn Name of the 3rd dynasty of Persian kings
اسلان aslAn (T) Lion
عطا atA To give
اتابک atAbak Grand vazir; prime minister; the lord; father (in Turkish) 
آتش Atash Fire
آتشبان AtashbAn /Atashbon Guardian of fire
آتشبند Atashband -
آتیلا AtilA Name of the Hun's king  which attacked the Roman empire
اورنگ Aurang/Orang A throne; wisdom, understanding; beauty
آوگان AvgAn A character in Shahnameh (Name of a warrior in Ferydoon's army)
آوند Avand -
آیاز / ایاز Ayaz / ayAz  (T) Name of Sultan Mahmood's famous royal servant; Night breeze
آیدین Aydin /Idin (T) Clear; enlightened; illuminated, bright
آیتان AytAn/Aytun (T) Speaker
آزاد AzAd Free
آذران AzarAn Name of a small Zoroastrian fire temple
آذرداد AzardAd -
آذرنگ Azarang Bright, shining, flame-colored, red
آذربُد Azarbod The god of fire
آذرتش Azartash = Azartush A salamander
عظیم azim Big, great
عزیز aziz (A) Precious, dear


بابک BAbak/Bobak/Bobac Name of the father of Ardeshir (founder of the Sassanid dynasty); little father; faithful
بهادر BahAdor (T) Brave, honorable
بهار BahAr Spring
بهمن Bahman Name of the 11th month of the Iranian calendar; Name of a couple of characters in Shahnameh (One of Esfandiyar's sons)
بهمنیار BahmanyAr Name of a student of AvicennA
بهامین BahAmin/BahAmeen Spring
بهرام BahrAm Name of a couple of Sassani kings; Name of a couple of characters in Shahnameh; also the planet Mars
بختیار BakhtiAr Name of a tribe; name of a place in southern Iran
بکتاش BaktAsh (T) The elder, grandee of a tribe; Precious, dear; Name of one of the kings of Kharazm
بلاش BalAsh Name of a Sassanid King
بامداد BAmdAd Early morning; Name of Mazdak's father
بامین BAmeen/BAmin Bright, radiant; A town in HarAt (in today's Afghanistan)
بامشاد BamshAd Famous musician during the Sassanid Dynasty
بنان BanAn (A) Tips of the fingers
باران BArAn Rain
باربد BArbod Famous musician during the Sassanid Dynasty
بردیا BardiA/BardiyA Name of Kourosh the Great's son who was also Darius I's father-in-law
برید Barid Courier, messenger
برین Barin Eminent; Supreme; Pleasant; the north-east wind; name of a fire temple
بارین BArin (T) Strength, power
برخیا BarkhiA (A) The father of Asef
بارمان BArmAn A character in Shahnameh (Name of one of Afrasiyab's generals)
برمک Barmac/Barmak Name of a noble and famous Iranian family from Khorasan who served as great vazir during Harun al-Rashid
برسام BarsAm Great fire
باسیم Basim (A) Smiling
برزین Barzin = Borzin Fire; Name of an ancient fire temple; Name of an ancient champion of Iran
بشیر Bashir (A) A messenger of good news
باشو BAshu Lizard
  Basir (A) Wise
باستام Bastam/Bastom Coral
باستین BAstin/Bostin Patient
باوند BAvand Iranian dynasty that ruled Tabaristan in what is now northern Iran (Mazandaran)
باور BAvar -
باورد BAvard Name of a hero, and the city (was in the vicinity of Neishabur) founded by him
بازان BAzAn -
بازیار BAzyAr/BozyAr A falconer; a farmer
بازور BAzur/BAzoor A character in Shahnameh (The TurAnian sorcerer)
بهبود Behboud (Z) Healthy
بهداد BehdAd Excellent gift; Of good birth
بهدین Behdin Good rite; Of good religion
بهفر Behfar Having good dignity
بهجان BehjAn -
بهکام BehkAm Good wish
بهمرد Behmard Good man
بهنام BehnAm Reputable (someone with honorable name)
بهنیا BehniA Having good ancestry
بهنیود Behnood/Behnoud -
بهپور Behpour Good son
بهراد BehrAd Charitable person, giver of goodness
بهرنگ Behrang Good color
بهرخ Behrokh Handsome face
بهروز Behrouz Fortunate, lucky
بهزاد BehzAd Of good birth;  Of noble family
بلکا BelkA (T) Knowledgeable
بینا BinA Seeing, clear-sighted
بیژن Bizhan/Bijan A character in Shahnameh (Giv's son and Manijeh's husband)
برجسب BorjAsb Possessor of tall and lean horses
برنا BornA Young, youthful
برزین Borzin Name of a couple of characters in Shahnameh (An Iranian warrior)
برزو Borzoo/Borzu A character in Shahnameh (Sohrab's son)
بزرگمهر Bozorgmehr = Buzarjomehr Name of the prime minister of Anushiravan, King of Persia
برزویه Borzouyeh/Borzuyeh Iranian physician of Sassanid period (he translated "Pancha Tantra" from Sanskrit into Persian and named it "Kelileh and Demneh")


کارن CAren/KAren = CAran/KAran Warrior, brave; A character in Shahnameh (Kaveh's son)
چکاد ChakAd/ChekAd Top, crown of the head; a shield
چنگیز Changiz/Changeez Chengiz Khan/ Gengiz Khan
چاووش ChAvosh (T) A sergeant; a herald; the leader of a caravan
سیروس Cyrus/Siroos/Cirus Kourosh, first king of Iran, founder of the the Achaemenids dynasty and the Persian empire


دادبه DAdbeh ?
دادبین DAdbin -
دادفر DAdfar -
دادمهر DAdmehr -
دادور DAdvar Just; judge
دانا DAnA Knowledgeable
دانش DAnesh/Donesh Knowledge
دانیال DAniAl/DAniyAl/DoniyAl (A) Daniel
دانوش Danush Name of a character in 'Vameq and Ozra' by Onsori 
دابا DAbA Gold in Zand
دامون DAmoon -
دارا DArA Darius, Dariush; Wealthy; One who has kindness; A character in Shahnameh (The 9th king of the mythical Kianian dynasty, who was DArAb's son)
داراب DArAb Darius, Dariush; One who has kindness; A character in Shahnameh (The 8th king of the mythical Kianian dynasty who was Bahman's son)
داریوش DAriush/Daryush Darius; Name of 3 Persian kings of the Achaemenids dynasty; One who has kindness
دارمان DArmAn Name of one of Khosrow-parviz's (Sassanid) general
داتیس DAtis Name of an Achamenid general (Darius I's) who commanded the Persian troop in the Battle of Marathon
داور DAvar Judge
داوود DAvood (A) David
داریان DAriAn/DAryAn/DAriyAn/DArion Name of a village in Iran's Fars province; Name of a place in Iran's East Azarbaijan province;  Name of a village in Iran's Kurdistan province
داریا DAryA/ DAriyA One who has (or drives) a war chariot
دریا دل DaryAdel/ DariyAdel -
دلاور DelAvar Brave
دلیر Delir Brave
دیاکو / دیاآکو DiyAko/DiAco The founder of the Medes tribe
دولت Dowlat/Dolat  


ابی Ebi (A) Paternal
ابراهیم EbrAhim (A) Abraham
ادریس Edris -
اقبال EghbAl (A) Good fortune
احسان EhsAn (A) Goodness
عماد EmAd (A) Confidence
عنایت EnAyat (A) To Try
عرفان ErfAn (A) Knowing; Knowledge
اسفندیار Esfandyar/Esfandiar/IsfandyAr = EspandyAr A character in Shahnameh (GoshtAsb's son)
اسماعیل EsmAeel (A) Ishmael (son of Abraham)


فیلک Failak/Faylak A double-headed arrow
فرج Faraj Joy
فرامرز FarAmarz Keeper of a citadel or fortress; A character in Shahnameh (Rostam's son)
فرامین FarAmin Orders, mandates
فراز FarAz Above, up, upon, on the top
فرازمان FarAzmon/FarazmAn An order, command
فربد Farbod Right, orthodox
فرداد FardAd Having the light of God
فردین FardAn Unique; one
فردات FardAt Name of Khashayar's (Xerxes) nephew
فردید Fardid Former, prior
فردین Fardin Abbreviation of the Iranian month Farvardin
فردیس Fardis Paradise
فرهاد FarhAd A character from NezAmi's epic "Khosrow & Shirin (a  famed stone-cutter who was in love with Shirin, the wife of the Sassani king Khosrow Parviz II.); A character in Shahnameh
فرهد Farhad (A) A handsome youth
فرهان FarhAn -
فرهنگ Farhang Good-breeding
فرهود Farhood/Farhoud Handsome boy; lion cub
فریان FariAn -
فریبرز Fariborz A character in Shahnameh (son of Kay-kavus)
فرید Farid Unique
فریمان FarimAn /Farimun Name of town  in Iran (in Khorassan province)
فرینام FarinAm Glorious name
فریس Faris (A) Horseman, knight
فریور Farivar Right, orthodox
فرجاد FarjAd Excellent, eminent in learning
فرجام FarjAm Fortunate
فرخاد FarkhAd Victorious
فرلاس FarlAs Soul of the sphere of Mercury 
فرناد Farnod/Farnad Power, strength
فرنام FarnAm Glorious name
فرنود Farnoud Proof, reason
فرّخ Farrokh Happy, fortunate
فرّخزاد FarrokhzAd Happily born; A character in Shahnameh (One of Bahram choobineh and Khosrow parviz's generals) 
فرساد FarsAd Wise
فرشاد FarshAd Soul of the sphere of Mercury 
فرشید Farshid/Farsheed Bright as the sun; A character in Shahnameh (brother of Piran)
فرشیدورد Farshidvard -
فرشین Farshin -
فرتاش FartAsh/Fartosh Being, existence
فرتوس/ فرطوس Fartous/Fartouss A character in Shahnameh (Name of one of Afrasiyab's general)
فروَد Farvad A character in Shahnameh; descent; proud
فروردین Farvardin First month of Iranian calendar
فرورتیش Farvartish Name of Medes king
فاریا FAryA/FAriA ?
فریان FaryAn Name of a king
فرزاد FarzAd Splendid birth
فرزام FarzAm Worthy, befitting
فرزان FarzAn Wise
فرزین Farzin/Farzeen Learned
فاتک FAtak Name of Mani's father
فاضل FAzel (A) Learned
فردوس Ferdows Paradise
فریدون Fereydoon/Feraydoon/Fereidoon/Feraidoon A character in Shahnameh (A king of the mythical Pishdadi dynasty who saved the Aryans)
فیروز Firouz/Firooz/Firuz Victorious; Name of a Sassani King
فروهر Foroohar/Forouhar Essence
فرود Foroud/Forood/Froud Characters in Shahnameh (Siavosh and Jarireh's son; also name of Shirin and Khosrow Parviz's son); descent; proud


گرشاسب GarshAsb A character in Shahnameh
گوماتا = گئومات GaumAtA = GomAtA  
گیو Giv A character in Shahnameh (Goudarz's son)
قادر GhAder Able
غدیر Ghadir (A) A sword
قلندر Ghalandar Dervish
قاسم GhAsem (A) A distributor
قیصر Gheysar (A) Caesar, an emperor
قباد GhobAd Name of Sassani king; A character in Shahnameh
قدرت Ghodrat Strength
گرگین Gorgin A character in Shahnameh
گشتاسب GoshtAsp =GoshtAsb Possessor of many horses; Name of an ancient king of Persia (Dariush's father); also name of a character in Shahnameh
گودرز Goudarz/Gudarz/Goodarz Name of 2 kings of the AshkAniAn(Parthian) dynasty; Name of a bird; also a character in Shahnameh
گرزم Gorazm A character in Shahnameh
گوشاسب GoushAsb Name of a king
گورنگ = کورنگ Gurang = Kurang A character in Shahnameh


حبیب Habib (A) Friend
هادی HAdi (A) Guide, leader
حافظ HAfez Protector
  Hajir A character in Shahnameh
هامان HAmAn Name of man in Khashayar's royal court; also name of Abraham's brother
  HamdAt Name of HamAn's father
حامد HAmed (A) One who praises
حامی HAmi Protector, defender
حمید Hamid (A) Praiseworthy
هامون HAmoon/HAmoun A plain
حانی HAni (A) Happy , content
هارون HArun (A) Aaron (brother of Moses); chief; leader
هاشم HAshem (A) -
حسن Hassan (A) Good
هاتف HAtef (A) One who praises; a voice from heaven; a guardian angel
هژیر Hazhir/Hajir Dignity; praiseworthy; name of a champion of Iran
هدایت HedAyat Guide
حسام HesAm (A) A sharp sword
هشام HeshAm (A) A generous youth
حیدر Heydar (A) Lion
هیراد HirAd Appearing fresh and healthy
هیربد Hirbod (Z) A priest of a fire temple
هیرمند Hirmand Name of a river in Iran
هیرسا HirsA Pure, chaste, devout, holy
هیتاسب HitAsb = Hitasp Possessor of shining horses
هیوند Hivand Purity
  Hojabr (A) -
همایون HomAyoon Royal, fortunate
هومن Hooman/Houman Having a good soul, good nature
هومان HoomAn/HoumAn A character in Shahnameh (Name of one of Afrasiyab's generals)
هومین Hoomin/Hoomeen/Houmin -
هونام HoonAm/HounAm Of good name
هوشان HooshAn/HoushAn Epiphany
هوشنگ Hooshang/Houshang One who build's good houses; A character in Shahnameh (The 2nd king of the mythical Pishdadi dynasty who was Siamak's son)
هوشمند Hooshmand/Houshmand Wise
هوشیار HooshyAr/HoushyAr Wise
هوتن Hootan/Houtan = HootanA/HoutanA Well bodied; An ally of King Darius 
هرمز Hormoz Characters in Shahnameh (Anoushiravan's son; also name Bahram-gur's grandson)
حسین Hossein (A) Good
هورداد HurdAd Gift of the sun


الیا IliyA (A) Elijah; Elia; Elias; Eliyah
الیاس IlyAs/IliAs (A) Elias
ایلا IlA A character in Shahnameh (Afrasiab's son)
ایرج Iraj / Eraj A character in Shahnameh (Youngest son of Fereidoon); The sun
ایرمان IrmAn Wish
ایمان ImAn Faith
ایراف IrAf Name of the father of ardA
اسفندیار IsfandyAr/EsfandyAr = IspandyAr A character in Shahnameh (Goshtasb's son)
ایزد Izad God; an angel


جبّار JabbAr (A) Powerful; the Almighty; bone-setter
جهان JahAn World
جهاندار JahAndAr Possessor of the world
جهانبخت JahAnbakht -
جهانبخش JahAnbakhsh -
جهانبان JahAnbAn Potector of the world
جهانفر JahAnfar Splendor of the world
جهانگیر JahAngir Conqueror of the world; A character in Shahnameh (Rostam's son)
جهانمهر JahAnmehr Kindness of the world
جهانشاد JahAnshAd The cause of the world's happiness
جهانشاه JahAnshah King/Emperor of the world
جهانشیر JahAnshir (K) -
جهانسوز JahAnsooz Affection of the world
جهانیار JahAnyAr Companion of the world
جعفر Jafar (A) A river; Also name of 6th Imam of the Shitte Muslims
جلال JalAl (A) Greatness
جلایل Jalil (A) Noble; Great
جمال JamAl (A) Being fair
جاماسب JAmAsb (Z) Possesor of strong horses; Name of Zartosht's son-in-law and Porochista's husband
جامی JAmi -
جمشید Jamshid A character in Shahnameh (The 3rd king of the mythical Pishdadi dynasty) ;Handsome
جواد JavAd (A) Liberal
جوانشیر JavAnshir (K) Name of Sassani king (son of Khosrow Parviz)
جاوید JAvid Living forever
جوریل JouyA/JuyA A seeker, inquirer ; A character in Shahnameh (see Jouyan)
جویان JouyAn/JuyAn A seeker, inquirer;  A character in Shahnameh (a Mazandarani warrior)


  Kahayoun -
کلباد KalbAd/Kalbod/Calbod A character in Shahnameh (A mighty man of TurAn, killed by Fariborz)
کمال KamAl Perfection, excellence, completion, utmost level
کامبخش KAmbakhsh Giving the enjoyment of one's desires
کامبیز KAmbiz Fortunate
کامبین KAmbin Fortunate, happy, content, successful in every wish
کامبد KAmbod Great wish
کمبوجیه KAmboziA = Kamboojieh = KambojiA Cambyses; Name of Kourosh's father and Name of 2 kings of the Achaemenid dynasty
کامدین KAmdin/KAmdean  
کامکار KAmkAr/KAmcar Name of a rose of intense red
کامران KAmrAn Successful, fortunate
کامشاد KAmshAd Happy wish/desire
کام KAmvar Successful, fortunate, victorious
کاموس KAmous A character in Shahnameh (one of AfrasiyAb's generals)
کامیار KAmyAr Successful
کریم Karim (A) Generous
کریمان KarimAn A character in Shahnameh
کریمداد KarimdAd (A) God given
کسرا KasrA /CasrA A character in Shahnameh
کتیبه Katibeh (A) An army
کواد KavAd Name of a Sassanid king
کاوان KAvAn (K) Rock
کاوه KAveh A character in Shahnameh (a mythical blacksmith who saved the Iranian kingdom)
کاویان KAviAn Name of the flag of Kaveh (in Shahnameh)
کاووس KAvoos/KAvous =Kaykavoos/Kai-kAvus/KaykAvus
کَیان KayAn A star
کیهان KayhAn The world
کیوان KayvAn/KeyvAn World, universe; The planet Saturn;  A character in Shahnameh (a treasurer of Bahram-gur's era)
کاظم KAzem (A) A man who hides his anger; also name of 8th Imam of the Shiites
کشواد KeshvAd A character in Shahnameh (Gudarz's father)
کیقباد KayghobAd / Keyghobad A character in Shahnameh (The first king of the mythical Kianian dynasty)
کیکاووس KaykAvoos/Kai-kAvus/KaykAvus Possessor of springs (water); Noble; Desires ; A character in Shahnameh (The 2nd king of the mythical Kianian dynasty who was Sudabeh's husband, and Siavash's father)
کیخسرو Kay-khosrow/Kay-khosro = Key-khosrow Noble, nobility; A character in Shahnameh (The 3rd king of the mythical Pishdadi dynasty who was Siavash's son and KaykAvus' grandson)
خشایار KhashAyAr Name of a couple of Persian kings of the Achaemenid dynasty; Xerxes
  KhazarvAn A character in Shahnameh
خرداد KhodAdAd God-given; gift of God
خرسند Khorsand Content
خسرو Khosrow/Khosro Having a good name; Name of many of the Sassani kings; A character in Shahnameh
کیا KiA King, protector, defender
کیان KiAn/KiyAn = KayAn The kings; the name of the 2nd dynasty of Persian kings
کیانوش KiAnoosh = KayAnoosh A character in Shahnameh (Fereydoon's brother)
کی آرمین Kay-Armin A character in Shahnameh (Kay-ghobad's fourth son)
کیانوش KiAnoush/Keyanoush A character in Shahnameh (One of Fereydoun's older brothers)
کی آرش/ کیارش KiArash Son of an Iranian prince
کیاوش KiAvash Royal; like a king
کیومرث Kiumars/Keyumars A character in Shahnameh (First king of the mythical Pishdadi dynasty)
کوهیار KoohyAr Name of Maziar's brother
کوشا KooshA/KoushA Diligent
کوشان KooshAn/KoushAn Diligent
کوشیار KoshyAr/ KoushyAr Name of the physician under whom Avicenna studied medicine
کورنگ Kourang = Gurang A character in Shahnameh 
کورش Kourosh/Kurosh Name of first king of Iran, founder of the the Achaemenids dynasty and the Persian empire
کورُس Kouros (G) Kourosh


لیث Leiss (A) A lion
لسان LesAn (A) Speech; An interpreter
لهراسب LohrAsb Possessing a fast horse; A character in Shahnameh (name of a king and Goshtasb's father)

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