Eastern Azarbayjan


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Eastern Azarbaijan

Geography and History

with 46929,9 square kilometers, the province of East Azarbaijan is locates on the north-west corner of the,country.It includes 12 districts which are:
Tabriz, Ahar, Bostanabsd, Bonab, Sarab, Shabestar, Kaliber, Maragheh, Marand, Miyaneh, Harees,and Hashtrood.The historic city of Tabriz is the political and administrative capital of the province. With 235 Kilometers international border with the Azarbaijan Republic, Armenia and Nakhjavan this province is neighbor to these new states.And through a railway line which crosses the province via julfa, the border check unit ,the province and Iran are connected to Nakhjavan,Irevan,Tablisi,The republic of Ukraine,and all ports around the Black sea. This province is also connected to many countries and states of the region by different network of roads.
In 1991 the population of the province was nearly 3,278,000 which was formed of 55.1% registered to be urban dwellers,and the remaining 44.9% as villagers and nomad tribes.The city of Tabriz , with more than 800000 habitants is the most agglomerated city and the administrating center of the province.
the province of E-Azarbijan is significant for its topographic characteristics. The mountain Sahand peak,which is located 50 Kilometers to the south of Tabriz, with 3722 meters altitude is the highest in the province ,while the lowest point is the Oromei eh lake side ,with 1220 meters altitude. the mountainous parts of the province are locates in three areas, north, Qaradagh mountains, central Sahand and Bozhoush,and south ,Qafelankooh.
the climate of the province is generally cold and dry. the mountainous parts of the province have a very cold climate, but the lowlands enjoy temperate weather. The average of the temperature are recorded in the city of Tabriz , 8.9C,as the lowest, and in the city of Maragheh,20.2C as the highest, while the average of the lowest temperature in the province is -1 C.
the province of E-Azarbaijan is a Part of the ancient Iranian territory. During the Alexander (so called the great),(331,BC), a great commander called Atorpat,who was the commander of the little Maad,rebelled in this territory, and a part of the little Maad ,which is the now Azarbaijan,was liberated from the Greeks .For this reason ,this territory was called Atorpatkan.then its name was changed several times to Azarabadegan, Azarbadgan,and Azarbaijan,Most Islamic historians believe that Azarbaijan was the birth place of Zoratust,the old ,Iranian profit, whose birth place was in the region of Oromeyeh, and exactly , a town called Kanzak, which is located near the lake Cheechest (Oromeyeh).During its more than 2000 years history, this province has been witness to many historical ,political and social events, and during this period,significant characteristics of an old civilization occurred there,which left many interesting things to visitors to see.the province of E-azarbaijan is significant also for its natural attraction. Its river-sides, The mineral and natural water spring and stream, the nice place for walking,the baeutiful woodlands, the protected natural areas,the wonderful peaks and highest , the wonderful caves and natural beauties, all are tourist attractions.
From the cultural point of view too,the E-Azarbaijan province is significant for including a collection of old tradition and historical customs. the most significant characteristics of the Azarbaijan culture ,is the language and the local folklore,which have been mixed with the old traditions and the local customs.the spoken language in Azarbaijan in the Turkish Azery.The Iranian Azeries,as well as the People of the republic of Azarbaijan have been speaking this language for many centries.This province has also been the cradle of many famous scholars,arefs and poets such as: Molana Baba Mazeed,Khaojeh Abdul Raheem Ajabadi,Shaykh Hassan Bolghari,Abdul Qader Nakhjavani , Molana Ahmad Harati,Hammam Tabrizi ,Khaqani Shirvani,Asadi Tousi,Abolla Falaki,Zaheer-ol-Deen Faryabi,Anvari Abivardi,Qatran Tabrizi,Shaykh Mohammed Khyabani, Theqatol-Islam,Sattar Khan(The national commander),as well as many other famous people .From the late age,one can name Ostad Mohammed Husain Shahryar,the most famous poet in Iran and Azarbaijan.
the following are some description about the historic ,cultural and tourism emage of the most important cities and towns of the province:

Ahar (Arasbaran)

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