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Gilan  is bounded on the north by the Caspian Sea, on the west by Ardebil, on the east by Mazandaran and on the south by Tehran province and Zanjan province. It has an area of 14,820 square kilometers. According to the elatest civil divisions in 1995, Gilan has 12 counties - Rasht, Astara, Astaneh Ashrafiyeh, Bandar Anzali, Rudbar, Sume- eh Sara, Rudsar, Tavalesh, Fuman, Shaft, Lahijan and Langrud, 35 towns, 30 rural districts and 95 villages. Its center is the town of Rasht. 

Tourist Resorts

 The shores of the Caspian Sea and the beautiful coastal areas are the main attractions of Gilan which absorb the greatest number of tourists in summer. Other attractions of Gilan are, Marlik hill (Cheraghali hill) in Rudbar, Safi mosque, the tomb of Dana  Ali, Kaseh Forushan mosque, Haj Samad Khan mosque, the mausoleum of Imamzadeh Hashem, Jaame' mosque,  Imamzadeh Seyyed Abu Ja'far and the mausoleum of Imam's  sister, Lat Caravanserai, Hassan Rahmat Sami'i House, Abrishami House, Shakari House, Naraqi House, Khorshidi House in Masuleh in Rasht, the mausoleum of Sheikh Zahed Gilani,  

the mausoleum of Mir Shahid, the mausoleum of Chahar Owlia, and the mausoleum of Shamsedin, Golshan bath, Jahansuz House in Lahijan, the mausoleums of Agha Seyyed Jalal- al- Din Seyyed Agha Mohammad and Agha Seyyed Hossein in Astaneh Ashrafiyyeh. Pol- e Kheshti (the clay bridge), the castle of Rudkhan, Monaj'jem Bashi House, Darya Beigi House in Langroud. One of the most beautiful and attractive sites in this province is Anzali lagoon. The special nature of  this marsh with its morning glories and migrating birds has created a wonderful environment. Also, we can name the town of Masuleh as one of the most tourist- absorbing sites  of Gilan. Its historic background as well as special architectural style and novel, charming scenes lure a great number of visitors.

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