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Located in the middle of the western part of Iran, Kermanshah province covers an area of 24434.25 sq os bounded on the north by the province of Kurdistan, on the south by the provinces of Lorestan and Ilam, on the east by Hamadan and on the west by Iraq. It is cold in the mountainous regions and mild in the plains. The most well-known mountains of Kermanshah are
Kooh-e-sefid, Paru, Bazi Deraz. The Plains are in Kangavar, Sahneh and Islam Abad districts. These broad plains are watered by rivers such as Dinor, Khorram Rood, Gamasyab and Gharasu.
The mirages and several ponds such as Ravansar, Bistun and Songhor are some of the impressive natural beauty of the province. The beauty of nature in Richap, Tag-e-Bostan and Bistun catch everyones eye. The vegetation of this region is mainly made up of oak trees and pasture. For the preservation of wildlife, varmanjeh and Bistun districts are protected by the Iranian organization of the Environment.
Evidence indicated that this province has been the home of man since the pal-eolithic and Neolithie age. Considering the historical monuments found in Kermanshah, it was very glorious in the Achaemenid and Sasanian eras and was highly regarded by the kings of those times. In the Islamic
period, specially in the Safavid period, it made great progress. Kurds, Lors, Arabs and Turks are
peoples living in this province. In addition to the inhabitants of the towns and villa- ges, there are many nomadic societies throughout the province. The predominant language is Farsi but other languages such as Kurdish, Lori and Azerbaijani are also spoken. The major religions are shia and
Sunnite branches of Islam. In different regions of this province, there are different sects, each one having their own ritual. In ancient times, the trade route, linking china and the south-east of Asia with the middle-East, passed through this province.
Now a highway links it with Tehran, and between different cities of the province   there are highways and suitable roads. Kermanshah airport, having regular flights between Kermanshah, Tehran and other provinces, is an important centre for transportation. The economy of Kermanshah is mainly on agriculture, the products of which are wheat, oat and various fruits. Animal husbandry, apiclture and fishing are the other industries there. In addition to these, its chemical, textile and food industries are of considerable development. Post offices, telephones, libraries and hotels are within easy reach of all visitors. Kermanshah province consists of ten
cities; the largest one is kermanshah which is the capital. Its other cities are Islam. Its other cities  are Islam Abad-e-Gharb, Paveh, Javan Rood, Sar pol-e-zahab, Songhor, Sahneh, Ghasr-e-Shirin, Kangavar and Gilan-e-Gharb.

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