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Khozestan  is bounded on the north by Lorestan province, on the north- east by Isfahan province, on the north- west by Ilam province, on the east and south- east by Chaharmahal va Bakhtiari province and Kohgiluye va Boyer Ahmad province, on the south by the Persian Gulf, and on the west by Iraq. According to the 1991 divisions, Khuzistan has 15 counties- - Ahwaz, Abadan, Andimeshk, Izeh, Bagh Malek, Mahshahr, Behbahan, Khoramshahr, Dezful, Dasht Azadegan, Ramhormoz, Shadegan, Shushtar and Masjed Soleyman-- 28 towns, 35 rural districts, and 113 villages. The provincial center is Ahwaz.


Karkheh River, Karun River , Dez River, Marun River, Kheir Abad River .

 Tourist Resorts

 Khuzestan is an old  territory and has a long civilization.  It history dates to 8000 years ago to the Elamites. Therefore, its historical sites are globally famous. The historical sites of Shush (Susa) are: Choqa Zanbil, the mausoleum of Prophet Danial, Islamic era mosques, Acropole Hill, Apadana Palace, the Palace of Xerxes, the mausoleum of Abdollah Ibn Ali, Shush castle ,Shush Museum, Shahr- e Shahi, Shahr- e  Panzdahom. The historical sites of Dezful are: Jaame' mosque, Khandaq Mosque, Om Yest Mosque, Kufi Bazaar Mosque, Samsaleh Mosque, the mausoleums of Shah Rokneddin, Sabz Qaba, Prophet Kherqil, Imamzadeh Zein- al- Abedin and Alamdar, the ruins of Ra'na water mills, the old bridge, the bazaar, Vazir Bath and the Connection Bath, Shayegan House, Building of Cultural Heritage, Kuhi nejad House. The historical sites  of Shushtar are: the ancient town of Dastra, Salasel Castle, Mizan Dam, Shadravan Bridge, Ayar Tower Dam, Khak Dam, Naqshi- keshi Bridge, and the house of Mostofi, Julazadeh and Mo'een Eltejar. The historical sites of Masjed Soleyman are: The fire temples of Sar Masjed and Borun Shandeh, Lower Galkeh Hill, and Haft Shahidan. Other historical sites are: Haft- Tappeh Museum, and Arfandra hill in Haft- Tappeh, the mausoleum of Ali Ibn Mehrayar, the ruins of Achaemenids' dam on the Karoun in Ahwaz, the carvings of Sekoft Salman, the buildings of Sami, and the carvings of Kul Fareh in Izeh.

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