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Lorestan's Climate:

Lorestan has a diverse climate. In winters, while the northern parts are covered with snow, the southern regions have a temperate rainy weather. The western parts of the province such as Sefid Kuh have more precipitation than the eastern parts, ie. Dorud and Aligudarz. Likewise, the provincial towns have varying climates: Khoram Abad has moderate winters and warm summers, while Borujerd has cold winters and moderate summers. Aligudarz has icy winters and moderate summers.
Based on climatic conditions, Lorestan can be divided into three separate areas:
1. The cold mountainous area with heavy snow. The freezing period of the region lasts for 70 days.
2. The central temperate area which is located in the central parts of mountainous regions in the north and north-east and the flat areas in the south. Precipitation in winter is often in the form of rain.
3. The southern hot area which has the lowest height. As the area is located in lower regions and is en route the southern warm winds, it has hot summers.
The average annual rainfall is between 400 and 450 millimeters

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