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Mazandaran Province

It is bounded on the north by the Caspian Sea-- which itself shares border with Russia, Kazakistan, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan-- on the east by Khorasan, on the south   by Semnan Province and Tehran Province and on the west by Gilan province. On the North- west, Mazandaran Province has border with the Turkmenistan. The provincial counties are: Sari, Amol, Babol, Babolsar, Qaem Shahr, Behshahr, Mahmud Abad, Bandar- e- Torkaman, Ton- e- kabon, Ramsar, Savad Kuh, Ali Abad, Kordkuy, Gorgan, Gonbad Kavus, Minu Dasht , Nur, Now- Shahr and Neka.


 As a result of the above factors, three different climates exist in the region: plain moderate, mountainous, and semi- arid.

2. Mountainous climate: It covers the high mountains and northern parts of the Alborz form of snow. range. In the heights, the weather is cold mountainous and most of the precipitation is in the 3.

 Semi- arid climate: This climate prevails some parts of Gorgan valley (north of Gorgan Rud as far as the Turkmenistan border). In this area, the average annual rainfall stands at 500 millimeters.


A. The rivers which flow from the south to the north such as Sehezar, Sardab, Chalus, Haraz, Babol, Talar, Tajan and Neka.

B. The rivers which flow from the east to the  west such as  Atrak, Gorgan and Qareh Su. All of these rivers are permanent and their fluctuations are very remarkable.

Tourist Resorts

 Apart from the breathtaking shores and seaside villas, Mazandaran has a large number of historical  sites in the following towns: Behshahr: The ancient bridge of Aq Qala on the Gorgan River, Safi Abad Palace, the historical buildings of Abbasid pool, and the caves of Kamarband and Huter that contain relics from the early humans. Other tourist resorts include: Shapur Bridge in Savad Kuh, Gonbad Kavus , the holy mausoleums of Imamzadeh Ibrahim and Imamzadeh Qasem in Amol, Dadekan Mill, the cable car and recreational complex of Namak Abrud, Ashuradeh caviar- catching harbor, the protected park of  Dashte Naz plain in Sari (the habitat of unique Iranian deer), Golestan National Park, and the springs and mineral waters of Ramsar. As Mazandaran is a beautiful province, there are a lot of tourist facilities such as hotels, motels, villas, etc., in the towns across the province. Among the historical relics of the past few centuries, one can name, "House of Golbadi" in Sari, The House of Darooyi, Kia, Fatemi, Mofidian, Baqeri, Khansari, Taqavi, Amir Lotfi and Shirangi in Gorgan, the House of Alizadeh in Amol, the Houses of Kashani, Najafi and Hsanpoor in Babol

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