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Tehran (Teheran)

Location and Climate

With nearly 11 million inhabitants (one sixth of the country’s total population) in less than 18956 square kilometers, Tehran is the country’s most densely populated province . The district of Tehran is the most populated in the province and in the country, in which the city of Tehran hosts 6, 758, 845 people, and the district of Karaj comesin the second place to accommodate more than a million inhabitants. In 1996 from the total population of the province, 84.15% were urban dwelars and 15.85% were registered as villagers.
The province's geographical includes mountains, plains and valleys with moderate climate in highlands, and semi-desert climate in the plains . The highlands are located to the north of the city of Tehran, and height decreases southward to reach the southern desert. This give the province a remarkable land and climate varieties which provide the province and the city with significant attractions. While you can enjoy a moderate weather and very beautiful landscapes on the northern highlands in summer, it is moderate in winter and visiting many historical sites on the southern parts, such as the remaining of the old civilization in Rey, can be very interesting. Additionally, the southern desert displayes some magnificent natural sites for visitors.
The province of Tehran includes 9 districts which are: Tehran, Shemiranat, Rey, Islamshahr, Shahreyar, Karaj, Savejbolagh, Varamin and Damavand. The rivers Karaj, Jajroud, Lar, Roud-i-Shoor, Hableh Roud and Taleqan Roud flow acroos Tehran province. With the dams of Karaj, Latian and Lar, these rivers supply Tehran"s drinking water and parts of the country"s electrical power.
River- sides and dem-lakes provide also valuable tourism sites for visiting and enjoing walking and viewing beautiful natural sites as well as practicing various kinds of sports, including water sports. These are in addition to sport which could be practised in the mountainous areas around Tehran, such as climbing and skiing.
Tehran is an industrial province that hosts a major part of the country's industries and plays a significant part in its economy. Agriculture is also a prevailing activity in the suburban plains, and highlands of the province. most of the people of this province, a majority of whom are city dwellers, are muslims and speak farse (the persian language). however, religious and ethnic minorities also live in this province, particularly in the city of Tehran , and speak their own language. Owing to the physical proximity of various cities of the province of Tehran , most of the villages and suburban areas are considered as holiday resorts for the people of Tehran. Among these places are the Karaj Valley, the Karaj dam outskirsts, Shahrestanak, the outskirts of Lar dam. Chitgar. khargoush Darreh. Sorkheh Hessar. latian Ghouchak.
Suhanak, Taleqan, Damavand and many other places.

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