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Charmahal & Bakhtiari


With an area of 16,532 square kilometers, the province of Chahar Mahal and Bakhteyari is located in the center of the mountain chains of Zagros and Iran. It is surrounded by two mountain chains of the interior Zagros mountains and the province of Esfahan. It is formed of two main regions, Chahar Mahal and Bakhteyari. It is consisted of five districts, each is named by the name of its main town, which is its administrative center. They are: Shahr-e-Kurd, Boroojen, Lurdekan, Farsan and Ardal. Shahre Kurd is the administrative center of the province.
The population of the province in 1996 was 761,168 from which 45% were registered as urban dwellers, 54.8% villagers and the remaining were recorded as nomad tribes.
The province is located in the center of the Zagros mountain chain which crosses the province north-west towards south-east . The highest peak of the highland of the province is named Zard Kooh Bakhteyari with 4,548 meters altitude, and the lowest point of the province is located in the eastern part of Chahar Mahal. The highlands of this province are the head springs of the largest rivers of Iran such as Zayandeh Rood and Karron. The mountainous areas of the province are of the permanent water supplier areas of the country and the peaks of the province are covered with snow for all seasons of the year.
The province area consisted mainly of highlands, and most of its area has more than 2,000 meters altitude. This turns the province to a very cold region, especially in winter. Snow fall in this province starts usually from the middle of the autumn, and it continues till the first month of the spring. But there are some lowlands in which temperature rise in summer to more than 40 C degree, and rain fall average is consequently lower. The cold season usually starts from the mid-automn and it lasts 4-5 months, in which January and February are the coldest.
The general average of the temperature in this province is +10.3C, while the higher average is +35.2 C, and the lower average is - 15.6 C degree. The annual rain fall average is 426 millimeters and the frost days average is recorded at 127. While May- November is recorded as dry season, the higher rate of rain and snow fall, as well as frost is in the other season.
The history of the province of Chahar Mahal and Bakhteyari is mixed with the the Bakhteyari tribe. There are a branch of the "Lur Bozorg" which means the Grand Lur. The Bakhteyari tribe, itself is divided into two main branches which are called "haft Lang" and "Chahar Lang". The Bakhteyari tribe have two different, summer and winter territories. The summer territory of the Chahar Lang branch is to the north, while the summer territory of the Haft Lang is to the south. Historically, the Bakhteyari territory was some times under the Fars state, and some other times under the Khuzestan’s.
The nomad living style of the tribe of Bakhteyaris, did not left many historical buildings or physical elements. But the beautiful nature of the region and the many eco-tourism potentials of the province are significant and unique, which attracts viewers. The magnificent and beautiful marshlands, wonderful malls, green river sides, unique flora lands, warm and mineral water spring, pleasant water falls, marvelous highlands, snow view and tens of other natural elements which increases the beauties of the environments of the province, and provides facilities for tourism in summer as well as skiing and other kinds of winter sports.
Culture and traditions in this province are interesting. The magnificent views of the tribes moving Through the beautiful landscapes of the marvelous mountains are pleasant. The For exampdes local ceremonies as well as traditional and religious practices one may find in The region are exceptionally attractive. Traditional wading parties, are full of traditional and local songs and dances which are valuable to attend. The traditional clothes of the women with their happy colors, and the men’s clothes are full of life .
Following are some of the interesting characteristics of towns and districts of the province.

Shahr-e Kurd

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