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While Muslims constitute more than 98.5% of the country's population, the Christians command a population of 0.7%, the Jews 0.3%, the Zoroastrians 0.1%, and the followers of other religions 0.1%. Protection of the cultural, social, and political rights of all religious minorities is recognized by the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Iranian Jews., apart from being represented in the Parliament, have around 30 synagogues allover the country, their own association, a journal named Tamous, and private schools. The Armenians and Assyrians, who have peaceful1y lived in Iran since ancient times, constitute Iran's Christian community. Armenians. like other minorities, have their own private schools, ajoumal in Arrnehian named Alik, and are represented in the Parliame. There are around twenty Gregorian Churches where religious take place, as well as a Catholic Church, and other centers for Protestant Armenians.         
The Assyrians have their own association that takes care of their community, churches where religious ceremonies take place, and a number of publication centers. They are also represented in the Parliament. There are other sects of Christianity like Protestants, Roman Catholics, and Adventists, all of whom have their own centers of worship. Zoroastrianism prevailed in Iran much earlier than the advent of Islan1. Zoroastrianism is a dualistic ancient Iranian religion the creation of which is credited to the mythical prophet Zarathushtra (Zoroaster in Greek). Zoroastrianism had been fully shaped by the 7th century BC. The main thing in Zoroastrianism is the doctrine of the constant struggle in the world between two opposite elements: good, personified by the godo flightness Ahura Mazda (Ormazd), and evil, personified by the god of darkness Angro Mainyush (Ahriman). Its eschatological ideas on the end of the world, judgment, resurrection of the dead and a future savior born of a Virgin exerted great influence on Judaism and Christianity. Apart from Iran, at present, exists in the form of Parsiism in India and has preserved the old dualistic ideas but developed the concept of a single Almightv God.

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