Ale Qapu Portal (Qazvin)


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Ali Qapu Portal
The only remaining. parts of the lofty structure of Ale Qapu in Qazvin, once as highly reputed as the present Ale Qapu of Isfahan, are the portal and its azure mosaic-tile Thulth inscription by the famous calligrapher Ale Reza Abbassi. According to the text of the inscription, the Ale Qapu palace counts as one of the important monuments dating from the reign of Shah Tahmasp I and Shah Abbas the Great. Its concluding section containing the date of the construction, has disappeared.
The present portal was the entrance leading to the royal palace. There remain two side- rooms flanking the portal which also possesses a large vestibule. The side rooms of the entrance door had once served as the Royal Naqqareh Khaneh (Drum House), and the guards posts.



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