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Bahman Cultural Center
Located in the southernmost part of Tehran, the Bahman Cultural Center occupies a vast area that used to be the city's old slaughterhouse just seven years ago. Considered to be the most deprived area of Tehran, its southern part was in need of help, especially with cultural overtones. In this cultural center concerts, religious plays accompanied by hymns, and other rituals are performed. It is open on all days and nights of the week and serves as a gathering place for the youth of southern Tehran.
The young people can use the center for activities such as sports, various art fields, wholesale entertainment, etc. The center includes the following sections: Chahar Bagh (Four Gardens), Center for Children's Drawings, Chess Club, Visual Arts Gallery, Charlie Chaplin Terrace- Movie House. and a Theater.
The Charlie Chaplin Terrace-Movie House, with an area of 1,450 sq. m to house 450 people, has a mobile ceiling which can be opened by a push button in three minutes.
A comprehensive description of Tehran may not end like this, but we don't intend to provide you with the of just sitting and reading about Tehran. The town i: a really modern metropolitan with thousands of interesting places about which you will certainly discover after the first few days of your stay.

Farhangsaray Bahman :
Tel: +98 21 55312 300 ,301
Fax: +98 21 55312 303


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