Cheshmeh Ali


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Being a spring, it is famous for its fine flowing water mainly used for carpet- washing. During the summer, carpet washers come from the suburbs of Rey and even from Tehran to wash carpets in the basin at the foot of the mountain. On these occasions the hillside near the spring, presents the kind of lively colorful scene which delights photographers. Men, women, and children continuously splash around in the clear water, scrubbing energetically with brushes and brooms. Soap and detergent powder are not spared. Once cleaned and rid of greases, the carpets are laid put to dry on the large rock from which the springs takes origin. No doubt was the popularity of this spot which caused Nasser od-Din Shah to follow the old Sassanian custom of having rock carvings representing him enthroned and hunting chiseled on the rock face overlooking the spring of Cheshmeh Ali. Not far from here, too, is the mound or Tappeh where some of the finest prehistoric Rey pottery has been discovered.

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