Chehel Sutun (Qazvin)


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Chehel Sutun
Located in a park in the center of the town (Azadi Square), this is a small palace of the Safavid period. Then known as the ko/ah farangui, actually it was the royal palace of Shah Tahmasbbuilt on plans provided by a Turk architect. It is a two-storied building, characteristic of the arcaded pavilions of the period, such as those of Hasht Behesht palace in Isfahan. Inside, fragments of paintings on the walls and ceiling are still visible, and the interior is currently being restored. In places, one can clearly see several layers of pain, the result of a common feature of Iranian interior decoration which was to plaster and then paint over existing designs without removing them.
A superb wooden Safavid coffin has been placed in the corridor near the corner. The second floor has turned into a museum since 1965. The museum contains a variety of objects, including Neolithic pottery and bronzes from tombs in the Alamut area, decorated tilework and Qajar handicrafts.

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