Iran Haft Tappeh (Dezful)


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Meaning Seven Hills, it is located 15 km to the south of Susa, and on the left of the road leaving Chogha Zanbil for Susa. Archaeological excavations on the site were carried out under the supervision of the world famous Iranian archaeologist Dr Ezzatollah Negahban. As a result, relics of a dark period of the Elamite history (1350- 1500 BC) were unearthed. It was shown that the world's oldest vault was built here on the tomb of Tapati Ahar (the Ilarnite ruler or king of Haft Tappeh) and the adjacent mausoleum. Here you can see  the remains of the 2nd-mi!lennium BC Elamite town that once had several ziggurats as well as various royal buildings, tombs and temples. Although there is less to see than at Chogha Zanbil or Susa, the site here is much more spread than the other two. In a special archaeological museum (already closed because of being demolished during the Iraq-Iran War) visitors could see exclusively the objects found at the site.

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