Mount Sabalan (Ardabil)


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Mount Sabalan

Sabalan is Iran's second highest mountain peak 25 km to the west of Ardabil. Its higher than Mont Blanc the Alpine massif on the French-Italian border, with many lakes and a volcanic crater, soaring high up to almost 4,860 meters above sea level. At the height of 3,600 meters above seal level and further high, and all around the Sabalan crater, a number of gigantic sculpture statues resembling various creatures (animals, birds, insects, etc) have emerged as the result of rock erosion. The most beautiful creature among these is an eagle statue seeming to maintain control over the Sabalan slope and valley from atop. The mount represents a myriad of attractions in various seasons of the year, to the extent that upon reaching the peak, one feels having arrived in a land of dreams. Many hot mineral spas and cold water springs originate from its slopes and attract millions of tourist to the region every year. The hot water is said to have effective healing properties. The mount, the extinct crater, and the lake can be ascended usually from the northern and southern tracks. When on top, you can see a panorama of the beautiful region for more than a hundred kilometers all around you. The lake occupies an area of 50 by 50 meters, and is 15 meters deep. Since it is covered with ice from mid-September through early June the next year, mountain climbers use it for skating.




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