Tamashagah-e Tarikh


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Tamashagah-e Tarikh
Meaning promenade in the arena of history, this is a quite recent museum inaugurated in mid-1996 with a display of ancient and highly interesting variety of artifacts, document, and objects of value in a very attractive atmosphere, located in Vali Asr Avenue, northern Tehran. Items on display are classified in two categories: Iranian and foreign. The Iranian section includes carpets, paintings on wood, etc, as well as a sub-section of calligraphy and miniature paintings. The foreign section includes stone and metal sculptures, crystal ware, various pistols and guns, and home appliances of at least 200 years ago. The building consists of different galleries, and a tea house in the underground floor. Ticket price: 10,000 Rials.
Address' Vali Asr Ave, North of Mir Damad St, No 1359,
Visiting Hours' everyday 09.00 am to 20:00 PM, Tel. 878R6RI




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