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Climate & weather in Qatar

The sun shines virtually every day in Qatar, and rainfall is almost non-existent, averaging about three inches (80mm) a year, this falling only in winter. Summers are sizzling hot by day, and warm at night, temperatures often hitting the 104F mark (40C) or above. Winters are only slightly cooler by day, but can be very chilly at night.

Qatar receives only limited rainfall, averaging around 75 mm annually, with long and humid summers, while the winters are mild. In summer, the daytime temperature can reach as high as 50C (122F). Spring and autumn are warm and pleasant.

Qatar's summer, from May to October, is extremely hot. Mean temperatures in June are 42C (108F), dropping to 15C (59F) in winter. Humidity is high along the coast. Rainfall is minimal.

Required Clothing

Lightweight cottons and linens are worn during summer months, with warm clothes for cooler evenings and during the winter. Rainwear is advisable during winter.




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