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VISAS: Required by all except the following, provided arriving from their country of origin:
(a) nationals of CIS countries (except nationals of Georgia and Turkmenistan who do require visas); (b) nationals of Cuba for stays of up to 30 days;
(c) nationals of Mongolia, provided visiting for purposes of business and holding letter of invitation and return tickets, or travelling as tourists and holding prepaid hotel vouchers;
(d) transit passengers who are continuing their journey within 24 hours without leaving the transit area.

What documents will be required?
A passport valid for 3 months beyond intended stay
Complete visa application form
3 recent identical standard passport-size pictures of the applicant
A voucher (exchange order) issued by an authorised travel company stating the reference number, passenger names, dates of entry and exit, itinerary and means of transportation.
Return air ticket (copy acceptable).
Fee (payable in cash or by postal order).
Postal applications must be accompanied by a large, stamped, self-addressed envelope.

Student visas:
Official invitation from an authorized organization in Russia (I.e. Language school, tourist agency)

Business visas:
An introductory letter from the applicant's company or firm indicating the purpose of the visit, itinerary, organisation to be visited, period of stay and exact departure dates of flights.
An official invitation from the organisation, department or institution to be visited in Russia.

Private visas:
A letter of invitation issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Consular Charges for Visa Procession

  1. For traveler's convenience, the following expedited services are available ( where applicable):
      Single Entry Visa Double Entry Visa
    --two week
    $70.00 $120.00
    --one week
    $80.00 $130.00
    --three business
      day service
    $110.00 $160.00
    --next business
      day service
    $150.00 $200.00
    --same day $300 $350

Visa Processing fee is non-refundable 

Important notes:

1) The Consulate General reserves the right to invite any applicant for an interview.

2) Since we process visas by computers, all paperwork should be presented in the following pattern. Copies of the passport pages should be trimmed to the size of the original and stapled to the upper-left corner of the application form. Two pictures of the applicant should be stapled to the copy of the passport page and one -- to the specially marked place in the upper-right corner of the application form.

Paperwork submitted in the manner different from the above, or incomplete set of documents, shall not be processed and may be returned to the applicants.

3) When a traveler applies for a visa in person, a numbered pick-up slip is issued by the visa officer. The slip should be presented to the visa officer when the visa is claimed by the applicant.

4) After visas are received, they should be checked and returned to us, if necessary, for corrections. The Consulate shall not be responsible for any discrepancies which were not brought to our attention before departure from the USA.

5) The validity of the visa can be extended provided it is supported by a new invitation from the same hosting organization.

6) Your Russian visa must be registered within 72 hours of arrival in Russia. Registration can be completed at a hotel, at the inviting organization/travel agency, or at the UVIR.

7) Transit visas are required by all except passengers remaining in the transit zone of Moscow Sheremetievo airport for less than 24 hours, provided holding onward tickets and all documents for the next destination.

Note: (a) Those who are travelling in groups (standard package tours, coach tours, international competitions and cruises) should submit all documentation to the tour operator making the travel arrangements. For visits to relatives/friends in the CIS, enquire at the Consulate for details of application procedures. (b) All travellers staying in the Russian Federation for longer than three days must register their visas through their hotel or sponsor. Private visitors must register with local police on arrival. For travel to Tajikistan, your invitation should be confirmed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan. (c) French nationals should also have their previous three months’ bank statements, medical insurance and a copy of their tickets. (d) German nationals and all other Schengen country nationals should have travel insurance valid in the Russian Federation. (e) Since February 2003, every foreign citizen is given a migration card free of charge when they cross the Russian border. They must fill in their personal data, terms, purpose of visit and prospective place of residence and present the card when applying for registration within three days of arrival. The migration cards must be handed back upon departure.

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