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Spanish Dishes

Spain Typical dishes are:


  • Tapas - Various (9 recipes)
  • Gazpacho Extremeno
  • Creamed Almond Soup
  • Potato and Mussel Soup


    • Solomillo de Cerdo con Jamón
    • Carne Mechada con Zanahorias
    • Beef with Green Olives
    • Caldo Gallego
    • Basque Lamb Stew
    • Paella a la Valencia
    • Fabada Asturiana
    • Madrid Tripe

    • Chicken with Jamón Serrano
    • Braised Rabbit in Rioja
    • Chicken Basquaise
    • Pollo a la Campesina
    • Aves De Guinea con Albaricoques
    • Paella a la Valencia
    • Paella

    • Brema a la Gaditana
    • Calamar con Las Setas
    • Salted Cod with Pimentos
    • Merluzas a la Gallega
    • Catfish Paella
    • Marmitako
    • Piperade
    • Vegan Paella
    • Basque Salt Cod
    • Paella a la Valencia
    • Paella
    • Moros y Cristianos
    • Mariscos


  • Calamares en su tinta: Squid in its ink.
  • Chipirones a la plancha: Grilled Little squids.
  • Caracoles: Snails in a hot sauce.
  • Pescaíto frito: Delicious fried fish that can be found mainly in southern Spain
  • Chorizo: Spain's most popular sausage is made from pork, ham, salt, garlic and pepper and is produced in multitude of varieties, in different sizes, shapes, short and long, spicy, in all different shades of red, soft, air dried and hard or smoked.
  • Cheese: Spain offers a wide variety of regional cheeses. The most famous one is the "Queso Manchego"
  • Fabada asturiana: Bean stew from Asturias.
  • Gambas al ajillo: Prawns with garlic and chile. Fantastic hot stuff.
  • Gazpacho Andaluz: Cold vegetable soup. Best during the hot weather. It's like drinking a salad.
  • Merluza a la Vizcaina: The Spanish are not very fond of sauces. One of the few exception is merluza a la Vasca. The dish contains hake (fish of the cod family) prepared with white asparagus and green peas.
  • Morcilla: Sausages made from pig blood flavoured with anise, it comes as a fresh, smoked or air dried variety.
  • Aceitunas, Olivas: Olives, often served for nibbling.
  • Lentejas Españolas: A dish made from lentils with chorizo sausage and/or Serrano ham.
  • Potajes or pucheros: Garbanzo beans stew at its best¡¡
  • Paella: Famous rice dish originally from Mediterranean area. There are different variations: seafood, chicken and rabbit, etc.
  • Pimientos rellenos: Peppers stuffed with minced meat or seafood. The peppers in Spain taste different than all other peppers in Europe.
  • Potaje de espinacas y garbanzos: Chick pea stew with spinach. Typical of Seville
  • Jamón Serrano: Air/salt cured ham similar to Italian Parma Ham. Ask for "Pata Negra" ham and you will taste the best ham in the world.
  • Tortilla de patatas: Spanish omelette. Probably the most popular dish in Spain. You can easily assess how good a restaurant is by having a small piece of its potato tortillas.
  • Churros: Typical spanish breakfast or for tea time. Served with hot chocolate drink.


  • Compota de Peras
  • Crema Catalana
  • Cava Sorbet
  • Churros
  • Santiago Almond Tart
  • Tocino de Cielo
  • St. George's Cake
  • Torta de Santiago


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